Sunday, February 06, 2011

L.A. Colors Color Craze

So, this is my first real blog post showcasing the polishes I buy! I'm so excited! Sorry if I seem a bit like a noob :)

I recently went by the Dollar Tree to get my hands on some L.A. Colors Nail Art Decos but they didn't have them. I did however see some LA Colors 'Color Craze' polishes and decided to try these out!

(L.A. Colors 'Color Craze' in Radiation, Magnetic Force, Wired,
Nuclear Force, and Wave Length)

On the L.A. Colors website, they have this to say about their Color Craze line:

"Color Craze is an exciting new collection of vivid, bright colors for 
fingers and toes! Brilliant colors instantly adds character to any style. 
No matter what your mood is - these playful, dazzling, flirty shades 
will surely brighten your day & nails!"

Wave Length is a chrome yellow shimmer that's pretty vibrant on the nails. I was worried that this color might not work too well with my skin tone since most yellow lacquers don't, but I found it to be very flattering. It's more on the sheer side as it took about 5 coats to get the right amount of opaque. I can see myself wearing this in the summer quite often along with one of the other colors, Magnetic Force. 

Magnetic Force is a coral duochrome with golden shimmer (To see it better, click on the picture to enlarge). After a day of wear, I already had some chipping but I'd like to believe it's because it wasn't top-coated with Seche Vite and also because I was doing housework. I absolutely adore this color and no doubt be wearing it in the future but definitely will top coat it with SV next time.

 Wired was probably the most vibrant of the colors that I had worn. It's a beautiful royal blue shimmer that just popped when I had it on. Quite frankly, I didn't want to take this off and could have worn it for days until it chipped away. 

Radiation is a teal shimmer that has a foil-like finish. The flash just shows how vivid the color is on this one.

Last, but not least, is Nuclear Force. Can I just say how much I love this one? I STILL have it on two days later and the color is in perfect condition.  It's a stunning plum creme polish whose color formula from other brands I have yet to come across. Although I know they are probably a lot out there, this is one I'll stick with for right now. 

I had no chipping, besides on Magnetic Force, but I tend to use my hands all day and because of not using the right top coat for that situation, it wore down pretty quickly. I think the reason why I waited so long to try these polishes is because I thought they were just cheap and wouldn't last as long as my other polishes. Each of them had great color in the bottle and only took about 2-3 layers to get the perfect amount, except Wave Length because it was a little too sheer. I also took some of the photos with flash because we've barely had enough sunlight or sunshine because of the arctic cold front that's been taking place in Texas. The sun barely came out yesterday and I had already taken the photos. Nonetheless, they still portray the accurate colors of the polishes :)

I was shocked to find such good formulated polish out of an inexpensive brand. While they aren't the most trendiest brand, I personally think that they provide great quality polish that we are always looking for. Like a lot of people, I'm on a budget and although there are times I'll just splurge on more expensive brand polish, it's nice to find something that you can get a lot of use of that's of good quality but also low costing. If you're wondering where to pick these up, you can find the L.A. Color Craze for $1 each at your local Dollar Tree (if you don't have one, try the dollar stores around you or look it up on their website). Until next time, have a polishy day :)


Ooh, I'm kind of surprised at how pretty these are! Radiation looks just like Sephora by OPI Mermaid to Order! I have a bunch of L.A. Colors nail art polishes, but I was never compelled to try their regualr bottles...I think I need to go by Dollar Tree now

I was shocked, as well! I really couldn't believe that they seem to be from great quality. I just looked up Mermaid to Order and it does look like it could be a dupe! I kinda want to go pick it up just to see, haha.

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