Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Sally Hansen Color Quick Pens

On Sunday night, I was going through the CVS discount rack when I came across three of the Sally Hansen Chrome Color Quick Pens. My instincts told me to take all three of them but I ultimately decided to pick one only (I spent more than enough on polish this weekend). So, I chose the color in Gold Chrome.

To get this baby started, you have to do a series of clicking the bottom a couple times until you start seeing the product push through the top of the brush. I will warn you though; you have to be careful on applying this because although it doesn't seem like enough product is on it, in actuality, there's more on it then you'll anticipate and it will flood your cuticle. I had that problem at first, but I just cut down on the times I clicked the bottom when I applied the other nails and layers. 

Now, these pens aren't for everyone. If you aren't into wide set brushes, this probably isn't for you. For me, it's what I personally LOVED about this pen. Wide brushes can be troublesome with the flooding and all, but if you apply them just right, they are absolutely perfect. 

Sally Hansen Color Quick Pen in Gold Chrome, taken in natural light

Gold Chrome, taken with flash
Application and clean up was pretty fast and easy. It was probably the fastest I ever applied polish (hence the name, haha). The pen-polish (my new name for it) also dried so quickly that I was able to get to bed 30 minutes later without any smudging or marks the next morning.

I just LOVE the gold metallic look on them. For $2.50 that I got for this pen, I'd say that it was a steal and I really wish I would have gotten the other two (Silver and Green Chrome) that were available. On my next trip out there, I hope they'll still be on sale! If you are rushing on Valentine's Day, have a date and need a quick and fast drying polish before you're out the door, this pen should be considered! Pink and red shouldn't be the only mani color you are wearing on that special day. ;)

(If you're curious, check out SH's Color Quick pens here. Update: Apparently they aren't on the site anymore. Sorry about that.)


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