Sinful Colors in Olympia

Sinful Colors' new polish: Olympia from the 'Cast Away' collection!

L.A. Colors' 'Color Craze' Haul

Bargain, good quality polishes from the Color Craze line from L.A. Colors.

Sally Hansen Color Quick Pen in Gold Chrome

Review of the polish pen that I found on clearance at CVS!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Zoya's Summer Collection 2011 - March Promo: Buy One Get One Free!

As all or mostly everyone knows, Zoya made an announcement on Thursday that they were going to give those with signed up accounts on their website a little surprise. They advised those who wanted to participate to be signed up by 5PM EST Sunday evening or else they'd miss the event. So, there was everyone waiting in anticipation to see what the promo would be on Sunday night, with some people taking it a little too far and actually demanding Zoya to tell them what it was. Amid all that chaos on their Facebook wall, Zoya finally announced that they were going to have a Buy One, Get One Free on their newest Summer collections! There are three different collections: Summertime, Sunshine and Mod Mattes. The last day to be able to take advantage of this promo will be on Friday, March 25th!

Here is a video by Temptalia showcasing the swatches from the 2011 Zoya Summer collections:

She also did reviews for each of the collections::
Mod Mattes

Since I'm still trying to decide exactly which colors I'm going to get (I want all of them but it's impossible), I think I'll give it a day before I order. For those of you participating in this promo, which ones are you going to order (or already got)? The ones I have my eye on are Mira and Faye!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Sally Hansen Color Quick Pens

On Sunday night, I was going through the CVS discount rack when I came across three of the Sally Hansen Chrome Color Quick Pens. My instincts told me to take all three of them but I ultimately decided to pick one only (I spent more than enough on polish this weekend). So, I chose the color in Gold Chrome.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

L.A. Colors Color Craze

So, this is my first real blog post showcasing the polishes I buy! I'm so excited! Sorry if I seem a bit like a noob :)

I recently went by the Dollar Tree to get my hands on some L.A. Colors Nail Art Decos but they didn't have them. I did however see some LA Colors 'Color Craze' polishes and decided to try these out!

(L.A. Colors 'Color Craze' in Radiation, Magnetic Force, Wired,
Nuclear Force, and Wave Length)


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